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Warriors: The New Hope - Chapter 3

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 19, 2014, 8:26 PM


    "Angel? Angel you awake?"
Angel opened her eyes and was surprised to see herself waking up staring into blades of grass instead of her warm bed. Fang was staring down at her, his big blue eyes looked tired. 
    "I fell asleep in the yard?" Angel asked sitting up and rubbing her eye.
    "Yeah, after we got over the fence, you kinda just curled up and fell asleep right here. The Master closed the door and locked it though, we couldn't have gotten in anyways."
    "Is mom and dad awake?!" Angel gasped remembering they still didn't know they snuck out.
    "They don't seem to be yet." Fang turned to the glass door. "Come on, lets go try and find a way in before -"
    "There you two are!"
Angel and Fang flinced at the voice rising from the window near the tree.
"What are you two doing out there? Were you out there all night?" Angel's father demanded.
    "Sorry dad, we came out to.. see if there were any fireflies!" Angel lied. 
When they were younger, there was a nice once where their yard was filled with fireflies, and it was on that day that Angel met Fang.
So using that as an excuse seemed like the perfect one.
    "Well, I'll go get the Master to let you two in. Your mother's been worried about you."
Angel stood up but then gasped and sat back down.
    "No. If we go in there, the Master is gonna take Fang away!"
    "Angel, we've talked about this.." her father sighed. 
    "Fang is NOT leaving." Angel pinned her ears back.
    "We don't have control over this!"
    "Why not?"
    "Because the Master is in control! We have no say in if he stays or not." her father hissed and then frowned at his sudden anger spike.
Angel stared at him in shock but then growled.
    "Fine. If you don't want to fight to keep him here.."
    "Angel. What are you doing?"
    "I'm going to do something I should've done last night! Come on Fang." Angel ordered and motioned towards the fence.
    "Angel! Don't you dare go over that fence!" her father hissed scratching at the window.
    "Fang, come on!" Angel hissed and Fang pinned his ears back and whimpered.
With one more glare, Fang ran over to Angel and let her push him over the fence.
Without looking back, Angel climbed and jumped over.
    "Are you insane?! He's gonna kill you!" Fang whined.
    "He's my father, he won't kill me... but I will be punished.. but I don't care. You're not going anywhere but with me! Come on, let's go find somewhere to hide. It's light out now at least."
    "Angel!" She could hear his hissing getting louder and she could tell he was trying to tear through the screen.
    "Run!" Angel ordered and began running with Fang close at her heels.
She couldn't believe she just disobeyed her father right in front of his eyes!
The blackened forest wasn't so creepy in the daytime, but she could see all the chared trunks and dead plants.. it was really sad. 
"Look, there's a little tunnel over there! Come on!"
    "What if there's an animal in there?!" Fang barked.
    "This forest is dead. All the animals that are still here are dead too!"
    "That doesn't help me..." Fang whimpered, getting grossed out by the thought. 
Angel crawled into the tunnel without thinking what could be in there and hissed at Fang to get inside too. Fang crawled in way in, wincing at every step.
"It's just a tunnel, just a tunnel, just a tunnel..."
    "Fang, shush." Angel whispered. 
Angel tried to listen for any sign that her father was following, but she couldn't hear anything but the sound of Fang's panting.
"Could you try and catch your breath? You're panting a bit loud." she whispered.
    "Sorry, but come on! Look what just happened!"
Suddenly she heard a sound and gasped.
    "I think they're coming! Stay quiet!"
Angel and Fang krept to the back of the tunnel and waited, but the sound she heard was not of her father or mother... but she figured that out too late.
The ground was beginning to shake now.
    "Um Angel... that's not your father." Fang whispered with a shakey voice. 
Angel climbed out to see what was going on, and her heart stopped.
Heading her way were three giant machines, tearing down the dead trees.
    "Oh no.. Fang, we need to get out of here."
    "What's going on?"
    "Fang come on!" Angel screamed as the machines were getting closer.
They ran now as fast as they could. As soon as Fang saw the machines, he howled in fear and began running even faster than Angel.
"Fang, wait for me! I'm not as fast as you!" Angel cried and tried running faster.
Suddenly Fang skidded to a halt.
    "Theres another one over there!" he whimpered.
    "Well let's not go that way then!" Angel answered and nudged him to the left.
They found themselves running up a hill and Fang started slipping on the burned charcoal grass.
    "Angel, slow down, I'm slipping!" Fang whined.
Angel stared down at him and waited. She could see the machines tearing into the tree that was over the tunnel they were hiding in.
After Fang climbed the hill they kept running, Angel didn't know where she was going, but all she knew was they had to run.
"Angel, I hear something!"
    "Yeah, the machines!"
    "No, it sounds like... running water!"
Angel stopped running. She remembered her mother mentioning there was a river around there.
    "That must be the river mother was talking about a while ago! Which direction?!"
    "Um.." Fang sniffed the air frantically and listened. "This way.. I think."
    "It's gonna have to be. We need to get there!"
Angel and Fang followed the path Fang pointed out and under sheer luck, Fang was right.
Angel could see the river, but it was a bit wider and faster than she had hoped.
    "We're gonna have to swim across." Fang panted.
    "I've never swam before." Angel whispered.
    "Get on my back."
    "Just get on! The Master's taken me swimming many times!" Fang knelt down.
Angel climbed onto the dog's back and gripped his fur nervously.
"Hang on tight."
Fang ran into the water and began fighting the current. It was a lot stronger than it looked.
Angel could feel the pressure pushing her from the side.
    "Fang, i'm slipping!"
    "Dig your claws in!" Fang barked from the waves over his mouth.
    "What? No! I'll hurt you!" Angel cried.
    "Just do it!" Fang growled.
Angel gasped and cringed as she unsheathed her claws and dug iinto the dog's back. She felt and heard Fang wince but he kept paddling. 
Even though her claws were more secure, she still felt like she was going to be ripped off of his back.
    "Fang..! I don't think I can hang on! Its too strong!"
    "We're almost at the other end, just hang on tighter!" Fang yelled.
Angel tried her best but she slowly felt her body being lifted from Fang.
Angel's claws slipped out of Fang's back and within a second she was swept away by the current.
"Angel! Angel, no!" Fang whined in fear and swam with the current trying to catch up to her. 
    "Fang, help m-" Angel screamed before she was thrashed underneith the water. 
She felt the water filling her lungs and she panicked.
"I'm gonna die! Oh no.. why is this happening, what did I do?" she thought horrified but then started feeling very weak and her legs stopped fighting. 
"I just wanted Fang to... stay." and Angel blacked out. 
* * *

    "Look, she's waking up!"
Angel's eyes flickered open and everything was blurry.
    "She's alive. Go get Robincall!"
Angel's head was spinning.
    "Wha- Where-?"
    "Easy young one, you've been through a lot." A soothing voice came. 
    "Who are you? Where?" Angel whispered trying to focus. 
    "My name is Whitebreeze, I'm taking care of you after you were found half drowned in the river."
    "River.. River!" Angel sprang up now, her eyes focusing but she was too worried to look around, "Where's Fang?!"
    "Fang? Were you with someone?"
    "My friend Fang, he's big and grey and-"
    "Slow down little one, calm down." The voice soothed and Angel could see that it was a cat. 
She was thin and white with hazel-brown eyes. 
    "I.. what's going on?" Angel whispered.
    "You're clearly not a clan cat." Whitebreeze whispered. "You were in the river, little one. You almost died."
    "But Fang-"
    "I don't remember Snowcloud mentioning seeing anyone else but you."
Angel's heart raced.
    "No.! What happened to Fang? He must think..." Angel sat down and stared at her paws.
"I need to find him."
    "Sweetie, you need to eat something first. You have been through a lot." Whitebreeze whispered, clearly concerned for her. 
    "No, I need to-"
    "Well hello there little kit. Glad to see you survived." Another voice came from the entrance of the log they were in.
Another female walked in, she was a red tabby with light blue eyes. 
    "Please, I need to find my friend Fang!" Angel cried.
    "You're in no condition to go anywhere, young lady." she answered. "My name is Robincall. What's your name?" 
Angel pinned her ears back. She didn't want to sit here and answer questions, she needed to find Fang!
"Do you have a name?" Robincall asked.
    "Yes.." Angel whispered, feeling defeated and suddenly very weak. "It's Angel."
    "Angel? Are you a kittypet?" Robincall asked.
    "Kittypet? Are you-" Angel looked up. "Are you clan cats?!" 
Robincall looked at Whitebreeze in surprise.
    "Why yes, we are. You know about us?"
    "I met a few clan cats the other night.. they helped me get Fang out of a collapsed hole."
    "What were their names?" Whitebreeze asked.
    "Rowanflame and Bonepaw." 
Robincall blinked.
    "Rowanflame? Oh thank Starclan.." Robincall sighed in relief. 
    "You know him?" Angel asked.
    "Of course. Stay here, I'll send someone over to Nightclan and request to speak to Rowanflame for you. Maybe he can help up figure things out."
Robincall looked at Whitebreeze. "Watch her for a moment, try to get her to eat something."
    "Yes, Robincall." Whitebreeze nodded and watched as the red cat left.
"Are you hungry, Angel?"
    "I'm worried about Fang..."
    "We'll find Fang. he wasn't in the river with you, so I'm guessing he got somewhere safe. Here-" Whitebreeze reached behind her and plopped a dead mouse in front of Angel's paws. "Eat. You'll need your energy.
Angel scrunched her nose at the dead rodent and pinned her ears back.
    "I can't eat that!" she gasped in discust.
    "Have you ever tried it before?" Whitebreeze asked.
    "Well, um.. no."
    "Then how do you know you don't like it?" the cat giggled.
Angel knew she was right.. but staring down at the bloody mouse gave her a sinking feeling in her stomach.
    "I can't.."
    "Here." Whitebreeze bit into the mouse and took a chunk out. Then she placed it beside the mouse. "Eat the bite. Just try it, please?"
Angel groaned but her stomach did growl. 
    "Well.. She is right... but Ew." She thought and took a deep breath. Then she bent and ate the piece.
The feeling was mushy and slimey and warm.. but surprisingly... it was not bad.
    "Well? What do you think?" Whitebreeze asked. 
    "It's.. different." Angel whispered licking her lips. "Surprising, actually. It wasn't bad."
    "See? And you thought it was going to be discusting." Whitebreeze laughed. 
    "Alright, I'm back!" Robincall ran into the den.
"Did you get her to eat?"
    "I got her to taste it." Whitebreeze mewed.
Robincall looked over at Angel.
    "And? Will you eat?"
Angel looked down at the mouse, and this time, she took a bite off of it.
"Good kit!" Robincall purred. "Eat up, you need your energy. I send Blackflame to go get Rowanflame. They should be back before sunfall."
    "Alright. Did Shiverstar say she could stay here?"
    "Yes, Shiverstar will check in on Angel later on herself." Robincall answered. Angel just sat there eating and listening, but then she felt a sharp pain in her throught and started hacking.
    "Oh dear!" Whitebreeze gasped. Robincall leaped over and stood over Angel.
    "Open your mouth!" the red cat ordered.
Angel's eyes were already shedding tears, but she did as the cat asked.
Robincall slowly reached in with her paw and in a few seconds pulled out a thin, white bone fragment with her claws. 
Angel coughed up a little blood, but she seemed ok.
    "What- was-"
    "You swallowed a bone fragment, you have to be careful with those. I'm so sorry. Whitebreeze, can you strip the mouse? I don't think its safe to eat from the body until she's gotten used to it. There are too many little bones."
    "Yes, Robincall." Whitebreeze nodded and took the mouse from Angel to work on taking the meat off. Angel looked up at Robincall.
    "How'd you do that?"
    "I'm the medicine cat of this clan, Angel. It's my duty!" She smiled. 
     "Thank you.." She whispered. 
    "Of course. I couldn't just let you sit there choking." Robincall laughed. 
Angel yawned and felt very tired again.
"You need rest. You've had a long few hours..." Robincall grabbed some moss with her teeth and placed it around Angel. "I know moss and a damp log isn't as comfortable as your home may have been, but-"
    "No, it'll do.." Angel whispered and curled herself into laying down in a ball. "Thank you..." 
    "You're welcome." Robincall whispered and let her sleep. Angel sighed and closed her eyes.
    "It's nice they're trying to take care of me... but Fang... he's still out there. I need to find him." she thought until she drifted off into sleep. 


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Thank you so much for the watch ._.
Thu Nov 13, 2014, 7:07 PM
hello, i am a rock and you are a penguim :meow:
Fri Nov 7, 2014, 3:12 PM
Hello people! I am shouting in this shoutbox for no apparent reason.
Sun Nov 2, 2014, 7:07 AM
just read your journal, I hope everything turns out okay! ; w ;
Thu Oct 30, 2014, 3:26 AM
Sun Oct 26, 2014, 8:03 PM
happy late-by-45-days Birthday! :D
Sun Oct 26, 2014, 8:34 AM
I was uh- .-.
Tue Oct 21, 2014, 2:23 PM
owo" ?
Tue Oct 21, 2014, 12:19 PM
There's no going back now, my friend
Tue Oct 21, 2014, 11:05 AM
I don't mean that in a dirty way :o
Sun Oct 19, 2014, 9:32 PM



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