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Warriors: The New Hope - Chapter 4

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 12:36 PM


  Angel opened her eyes very slowly. She knew she was awake, yet trying to wake up felt like a task instead of something natural and simple. 
  "Oh.. ow." She growned, shifting onto her front paws to sit up.
  "She's awake, good morning little one!" the sweet voice from before purred; Angel recognized it wasn't a dream and she was still in the little log den with the white clan cat.
"How do you feel, Angel?"
  "I feel like I was slammed against rocks over and over..."
  "Well in all honesty.. you kind of were knocked from rock to rock, there's an abundance of them beneath the water's surface. It's a miracle of Starclan that you survived!" Whitebreeze mewed. 
  "Starclan.. I keep hearing you saw that.. what is it?" Angel looked at the she-cat through sleepy eyes.
  "Starclan is where fallen warriors go to live the rest of their lives for eternity."
  "Fallen warriors? Do you mean.. dead warriors?"
  "Well, yes. Their souls are welcomed into Starclan and there they remain, watching over us.Our anscestors in Starclan give us wisdom and guidance, and maybe even saw you in that river the other night and saved you."
  "I think it was just luck." Angel yawned.
  "Maybe.. or maybe not." Whitebreeze smiled.
Angel looked at her for a few seconds until their eye contact was broken by a new voice.
  "So the kittypet is awake.."
Angel turned to the hole of the log to see a very different looking cat. 
She was slender and grey in color, but her pelt had very weird and unnatural markings.. almost as if Angel's Master had drawn on her with a black marker... and her eyes, Angel noticed they were different colors. One eye was pink, the other dark grey. She was very unique indeed and is piked Angel's curiousity.
  "Who are you?" Angel asked.
  "My name is Shiverstar, I am the leader of this clan. I am here to welcome you and show you around." 
  "Show me around... why? I'm not staying.." Angel stood up slowly. "I need to start looking for Fang."
  "And you are not going to find him alone, this is a big forest, wall'd by twoleg homes and monsters. If your friend is alright, you will need help finding him." Shiverstar mewed slowly.
Angel looked at the clan leader and sighed. She didn't want to waste time sitting around and getting a tour of a clan, but she knew Shiverstar was right.. what if she found him and he was in trouble? Angel couldn't fight to protect him or help him.. not even taking her condition into consideration.
  "Fine.." Angel whispered and looked down at her paws. 
There was a silence for a moment, until Shiverstar smiled.
  "Are you hungry, Angel?"
Angel could feel her stomach grumbling, but she was worried about what they were going to make her eat this time.
  "A little..."
  "Come with me, I will show you around before heading to the fresh kill pile." Shiverstar mewed heading out of the log.
  "Fresh kill pile... that just sounds so gross!" Angel thought and followed the leader out.
  All around her were cats, rushing all around, back and forth between dens and each other. Angel did not expect there to be so many cats in one place.
  "Wow..." She whispered. 
Shiverstar giggled a bit.
  "Angel.. Welcome to Dawnclan!"
  "It's actually very... amazing! I never knew -" Angel looked up at Shiverstar. "I have heard stories of clan cats, and imagined what it would be like, but this is- ... so cool."
  "Come on, I'll show you around." Shiverstar mewed. Angel was actually excited now.
  "This is my den," Shiverstar said flicking her tail to a hollowed out fox hole in a tree. "This is where the leader of the clan, me, and the deputy sleep.. of course, the deputy is also my mate." Shiverstar laughed. 
  "What's his name?" Angel asked.
  "Phantom." Shiverstar answered.
  "Phantom? He doesn't have a clan name?"
Shiverstar looked down at her.
  "What do you mean?"
  "Well I've only been here a few days, but I have gathers warrior names to be similar... Rowanflame, Whitebreeze, Robincall, Shiverstar... they all have two parts."
Shiverstar perked her ears in attention.
  "Well, well, impressive Angel. You're a smart little kittypet. Indeed.. warrior names are in two parts. One name given at birth, and the second part given as title of rank or destiny. The second part changes as you grow. Newborns are given the name 'kit', apprentices the name 'paw' and leaders the name 'star' after being annointed by Starclan. Warriors are given hundred of name options." Shiverstar explained.
  "So does that mean Phantom is not a warrior?"
  "Oh no, he is. Now. He used to be a rogue."
  "Well why didn't he get a warrior name?"
  "He didn't wish to have one."
Angel thought for a moment then looked back up at Shiverstar.
  "What was your warrior name?"
  "Shiverwind." She smiled down at her. 
  "Pretty." Angel smiled. 
  "Well thank you!" Shiverstar laughed. "Come on, there's more to see!"
Angel was interested now, but she couldn't get her mind off of Fang still. She could hear Shiverstar talking, but she was so preoccupied thinking, she wasn't paying attention.
  "Oh, um.. sorry." Angel shook her head.
Shiverstar sighed a bit and sat down in front of a large bush. 
  "Angel.. I know you're worried about your friend, but-"
  "Shiverstar!" a voice interrupted.
Angel and Shiverstar turned to see a black she-cat heading towards them. Angel noticed that she, too, had unique stripes, but these ones were natural, and silver with white spots.
  "So many unique cats here..." Angel thought to herself. 
  "Is he coming?" Shiverstar asked.
  "No." the she-cat answered, and Shiverstar stood up.
  "No? What do you mean no? Nightmarestar wouldn't let them leave?"
  "He doesn't want to risk it.. he said he heard barking last night pretty close to his camp, he doesn't want to send his warriors out until he knows its safe." 
  "Barking? There are no dogs around here..."
Angel gasped and got to her feet.
  "Fang! We need to go, now!" Angel cried.
  "Angel, I'm sure your friend is safe from the dog, and we will go to Nightclan, just wait for me to gather a patrol and-" Shiverstar began but Angel was already rushing to the exit. 
"Blackflame, stop her!"
The silver and black patterned she-cat dashed ahead of Angel and skid to a stop in front of the exit. 
  "No! I need to go find him before he wanders off too far!" Angel hissed.
  "What are you talking about?!" Blackflame asked.
  "Fang! You said he heard barking, he was there!"
  "Angel, what do you mean by that?" Shiverstar asked catching up.
  "What do you-" Angel begab but then remembered; "It wasn't this clan that helped them the first time, it was members of Nightclan.. Shiverstar doesn't know Fang is..."
  "Angel?" Shiverstar asked again. 
  "Fang is... Fang is a dog." Angel explained.
  "What?!" Shiverstar gasped.
  "What do you mean he's a dog?" Blackflame asked, looking confused.
  "He is a dog.. he was brought to us when we were babies.. he didn't have a mother or father, so.. my parents took him in as one of their own. He's a dog, but he's my brother and my best friend and he's probably lost and terrified and thinking I'm dead and-" Angel began to cry and Shiverwind pulled her towards her and tried to calm her down.
  "Shh it's alright Angel, calm down. Now, I don't know what's going on, but if you really are telling the truth... than we need to inform Nightmarestar right away." Shiverstar looked at Blackflame. "Blackflame, go get Phantom. We need to get going now."
  "You're going too?"
  "Yes. I need to know about this. Tell Phantom he is in charge while I'm gone. Come on Angel, I'll take you to Nightclan." 
  "Why the sudden change of-"
  "I won't lie to you Angel... Your friend is in trouble. If we don't inform Nightmarestar about him not being a threat.."
  "They'll kill him?!" Angel finished with wide, scared eyes.
Without answerng, Shiverstar grimaced a bit and nodded quickly. 
  "Keep up." 


    Angel noticed the scenery change.. it went from damp and green to dry and rocky. 
    "Where is-"
    "Nightclan is made up of small tunnels at the base of a mountain. They are secluded by very loose rocks and for those unfamiliar with the territory, they can cause a landslide." Shiverstar explained. "It's like nature's way of keeping unwanted visitors out". 
    "They live in rock tunnels? And your clan lives in bushes and logs... It's so different..." Angel whispered. "Are you the only clans?"
After a long silence, Shiverstar whispered.
    "No. There are two others." 
    "What are they like?"
    "They are not allies, Angel." 
    "You see Angel, the warrior way of life has been changed... The way the clans used to live is not how it is today. We have allies, and we have enemies."
    "And the other clans are.. enemies."
    "Yes." Shiverstar nodded.
    "And this clan we're going to now.. Nightclan."
    "They are our allies." 
    "What are the other clans called?"
    "Hiddenclan and Fallenclan." she answered. "Enough questions, Angel.. after all, you said you're only here to find your friend and then you're leaving, correct? Then you shouldn't be so curious about our way of life." 
Angel pinned her ears down. She did want to go back home, but she was also very intrigued by the warrior way of life now. It seemed full of adventure and danger... something Angel had only imagined about with her brothers. 
"Alright, we're at the border, stay close to me." Shiverstar warned her. 
Angel could see the loose rocks and paths around them. Some were on cliff edges and hills.. some were smooth but some were sharp cornered. Angel stayed close to Shiverstar and followed her every step. 
"Angel, listen closely.. this last spot is a bit tricky to get into, so I want you to climb on my back, alrght?" Shiverstar told her and knealt down.
    "No, I can do it." Angel answered. Shiverstar blinked at her.
    "Angel, I'm not joking.. one wrong paw step and you're going to get carried away by the rocks."
    "I can do it!" Angel repeated, more confident now. Shiverstar lowered her ears and sighed. 
    "For a kittypet, you sure are stubborn... fine, just watch very closely."
Shiverstar walked up to the pile of stones. Angel could see she had to get over the pile and onto the other side. 
She watched as Shiverstar sprinted up and over the pile, her paws were so light that they barely grazed the rocks and only shifted them a tiny bit. 
Angel was amazed a cat could control and shift their weight so much to seem almost weightless running over loose rocks like that. 
But then she remembered, her stubborn personality now reminded her; she had to do the same thing!
    "Alright Angel, you can do this.." she whispered to herself and stretched her paws. 
    "Angel, please, I can just come back for you-" Shiverstar started, but Angel had already began heading towards it. 
    "Be light, be quick, be agile!" She told herself and leaped onto the pile.


    "Angel? Angel are you awake?"
Groaning, Angel opened her eyes. 
    "Where am - Did I make it over the rocks?" she asked.
    "No, you didn't." Shiverstar sighed. "If it wasn't for Nightmarestar hearing us making all that noise, you would've been buried in rocks."
Angel sat up and noticed she was in a dark and cold room now, a tunnel.. she was in a Nightclan den!
    "Nightmarestar? He's the leader of this clan, right?"
    "That is correct. And now that you're awake, we can go find him again." Shiverstar answered. 
    "So, Nightmarestar saved me?" Angel noted.
    "Yes, he did." Shiverstar nodded. "Make sure you give him your thanks." she paused for a moment. 
"Before we go though, Angel, there's something I must ask you."
    "When you meet Nightmarestar, do not be alarmed. He looks very intimidating, especially to a kittypet like you. Do not be afraid of him. He may seem quiet and mean on the outside, but it is because he has been through so much at such a young age.."
    "Well, he is not young anymore, but he is still younger than me." Shiverstar explained. 
    "I see.. What do you mean 'been through'?"
    "Angel, being a warrior is not always adventure and living free lives... with living by the code comes danger.. death.. Nightmarestar was burdened with a life like that from an early age."
    "Wow..." Angel whispered.
    "Alright, let's go find him and talk about you and Fang before it's too late." 


Index of Clans: Warriors: The New Hope - Index



Sun Mar 29, 2015, 12:43 PM
hi panda!
Sun Mar 29, 2015, 10:51 AM
I <3 your artwork!!!
Sat Mar 28, 2015, 5:45 PM
nyoooomofdoom:iconnyoooomofdoom:… the tag thing might not be working
Sat Mar 28, 2015, 3:03 PM
Your ma idol :3
Sat Mar 28, 2015, 1:25 AM
Can someone please kill the flu virus in me? Clearly my cells aren't doing a thing! lol
Mon Mar 23, 2015, 9:11 AM
I like turtles
Sat Mar 21, 2015, 5:16 PM
I love your next gen so much, there so awsome X3
Tue Mar 17, 2015, 1:43 AM
-3- [One of the] best aritsts evar!!!!! ^<^
Tue Mar 10, 2015, 7:00 PM
And thank you for all for liking my work and being mature enough to be patient when I'm raging.. lol
Sun Mar 8, 2015, 3:42 PM


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